Wednesday's Gift

May 20, 2011

Bite Size Bible Study is the name I gave the evening lectionary class this year. It seemed catchy and non-threatening. It was a drop - in kind of class, no real accountability. That said, it did not surprise me that through the year people came and went, mostly went, and the class that began at around 20 ended up with six. What did surprise me was that the six who remained came to class regularly, they came prepared, and they came eager to know each other and to learn something about God. Throughout the last semester, Anne and Don, retired antique dealers, brought me various gifts. They brought me a Bible Dictionary circa 1900, a set of black and white prints, or etchings with religious themes. One in particular is three scenes of the Nativity that is especially beautiful. Each of these gifts is thoughtful and generous. But it was Wednesday's gift that I will most remember. As we prepared the meal we were sharing, Don gave me the pen. It is a French Waterman Fountain Pen, exquisite in design, balanced and comfortable in the hand. I told him that my husband would be thrilled to have it in the house as would I. Don said, "This pen is just for you. When you use it the point will conform to your hand, your script. This pen is a gift for you to use to write your sermons." This pen is extravagant and beautiful in design. It is ready to be filled with ink of whatever color I choose to put in it. It will be held in my hand to write the words only I can write in a handwriting that is singularly and uniquely mine. Isn't that just like God to reveal a lesson in the gift of a fountain pen? It's a lesson of assurance and promise. You see, we who know God have been brought into "God's marvelous light" and are created in this exquisite human body with a unique song to sing and story to write. No one else can write the story we are given to tell. In those times when you feel that others are more articulate, that someone else has a more thrilling, more dramatic story, remember that you are writing just the story God gifts you to write. It is your unique song to sing and word to speak. Remember too, "your times - all of them - are in God's hands." And to God be the glory. Thank you Don and Anne. Thank you, God.

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