Those Who Seek

November 1, 2011

These words in Psalm 34:10 speak to me this All Saint's Day. The lectio divina group met at my house today. On this beautiful, cool November day, God spoke through the Scripture, and a faithful group listened with their hearts. This is what I heard: " Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." Those who seek the Lord. Those who seek... Is the blessing of the search in the seeking itself? And the ponderings and reflectings? Seeking implies a forward-ness to life. A curiosity over complacency. Dynamic and not static. To be counted among those who seek counts me among those who want more. More awareness. More knowledge. More connection with God. Marked by discovery upon discovery, eyes open to new understandings and revelations. Eyes open wider to take in all the goodness that is God all around me. I am not closed down in self-righteous piety, but open for God to do a new thing in me. Will I ever tire of seeking? Will I ever die to knowing a new thing? Those who seek.... How are they different from those who have seen or those who will see? The imperative of seeking is active presence, the very way we are called to attend Almighty God. Not with a passive status quo faith, but with anticipatory hope in what is yet to be seen and known. O Lord, keep my faith seeking, vibrant and growing until I reach the full stature of Christ. Keep me as one who seeks, that every discovery of You will bring delight that spills forth from my life in witness to your graciousness and joy. Keep me as one who seeks. Open my eyes to your splendor and my heart to your peace. O You who hold all answer, wait for me. And in due time, welcome me as one of your saints. Amen.

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