The Way

October 12, 2013

The great Egret sat in the pine tree next to the front porch. All at once his catch was in sight. He dove with great intention into the river water with one purpose on his mind. One purpose that is in his DNA to accomplish… Catch the fish. He swept the water with a vengeance. Spreading his great wings to stay afloat until the catch was in hand – or talon, as it were. He arose victorious from the water with a fairly large Croaker in his claws. Proud he was as he flew back and forth between the piers. I could only imagine what was in his mind. “Now what do I do with this?” We who are hungry sometimes get ahold of a “fish” than is too big to swallow all at once. When we hear teachings that need great un-packing; when we have experiences greater than we have known before. So we fly around asking the same question: Now what do I do with this? Great teachers, mentors, great awareness of God, great worship in a beloved community are a big catch. We are created with hunger for union with God and all creation. It’s in our DNA. So we watch and wait for opportunity to taste and see. Such opportunity was there for a community in the NC 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation this past week. A spacious place was before us where teaching, worship, community and God with us could fill our want. It was indeed a big “Fish.” Now the work is digesting it all, one small piece at a time. As pilgrims on the way, we travel one step at a time, one bite at a time. We are always in a process of becoming. Holiness is around us and in us in our journey. Sitting with the catch is the work we are called to do. The giant Egret eventually dropped his fish; it was simply too much for him to swallow and he did not stop flying around long enough to chew his fish in small bites. Small – bites, steps, understandings, changes – makes the difference in how we are filled and made whole. Small is the way.For all the beloved community, for all the Virtual Church, may smallness be your way to life and wholeness. We are together in the journey. God bless us all. Amen.

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