The Survival Kit

September 2, 2011

The woman in the checkout line at WalMart had two items in her cart. A loaf of bread and a large bottle of wine. I asked her if this was her survival kit and she replied, "It's amazing how much of this we have gone through since the storm. No Lights. But we can eat and drink. All is well." Her choice took me to the Communion Table. Bread and wine. Eat. Drink. Know the presence of the Living Christ. The sustaining grace of the Eucharist is what all in the storm need to survive, whatever the storm. How often do I seek strength in places and people that are merely mortal and material? The life fatigue sets in when I am not fed the bread and wine of Christ's offering. May this day be one filled with grace for all who seek refuge, safety, peace. May this day be blessing in the knowledge that Christ is our security and Christ is with us in every taste of bread and wine. May you know such blessing this day. Amen.

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