The Last Days

May 7, 2011

This week is my last week under appointment in the United Methodist Church. I begin these last days with reflection and prayer about what has been and what will be. God of grace, you call never leaves. In the night You seed dreams of the ways Kingdom life can be lived among those who love you, who seek justice, who practice peace. What will be my ongoing place in this story? In lectio divina this week, I did not get much beyond the first words of Psalm 116. "I love the Lord." When was it that I first knew I loved you? Was it as a child marveling at dandelions and clover? Was it in the Carols of Christmas and the good company of friends? Was it at the church with its secret places and hidden treasures? Was it in youth group when I first preached? Was it at summer camp when I saw you presence? Was it in the freedom songs of the 1960s? Was it always in me to resonate with your goodness and your love? The call to love God and love neighbor has always been the impetus of my life. Surely I have fallen short in many ways, especially as I have stumbled through the disappointments. Truth is I brought too much naivete, too much polly-anna into the church. I always believed that with God's grace we could live on earth as it is in heaven. Silly me. So I leave the institution I love feeling a new freedom for what God is continuing to do in my life. Beyond politics, beyond money, beyond fund-raising, beyond bounds and it feels like Resurrection. I love the Lord. This is why I have done what I've done with my life. This is why I will continue to love and speak Good News as long as I live.

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