The Labyrinth Journey

July 22, 2013

The Labyrinth Journey St. Mark’s UMC, Raleigh, NC Day 1 labyrinth This picture is the work of Day 1 on the Labyrinth in the Journey Garden at St.Mark’s. A large crew of men, and one woman, laid block in concrete. We are set in stone now and next week the journey continues.   Tuesday prayer dedicationOn Tuesday after the first day, we gathered for Vesper Prayer around the Christ Candle in the center of the Labyrinth. As we gave thanks for the work of the day, and glorified God in the words of Mary’s Song, we offered Prayers of the People writing them on the Labyrinth pattern that would remain under the Labyrinth being remembered and warmed by each foot that walked the path. Those walking would be upheld in the prayers of the people of St.Mark’s written beneath their steps. Day 2 labyrinth constructionDay 2 of the Labyrinth Journey saw completion of the path with cobbles and gravel. Many hands made the work go quickly, beautifully, and well.     On Day 3, the Garden Landscape will begin, a lovely setting for prayer that is already drawing people into a journey with Christ. Even now, just knowing this path is here, we are drawn. The Journey Garden will be completed soon thanks to so many who have given so much. This path will be a blessing to the people of St. Mark’s, to all who come in search of healing. At some point in the coming months there will be a time of Blessing and Consecration of the Journey Garden Labyrinth. It will be a great time of thanksgiving and hope for us all, we who are “pilgrims on a journey.” Come and see what God is doing!                                      

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