September Silence: A time of prayer for the healing of the world.

September 21, 2020

September Silence: A Time of Prayer for the Healing of the World

O Lord, in your mercy, hear the prayers of our hearts. Your world groans and your people weep in the sickness, fear, and disruption that envelopes us. We need to come apart from the world in silence and prayer. We need silence as the season changes into a new flu season, more time indoors, and a political storm swirling around us that will not end even with an election. Have mercy on us, Lord. Teach us your ways in a time that feels in freefall. Catch us in your grace and love and heal us that we may find our way back to wholeness and You. Amen.

This invitation goes out to you, A Virtual Church, for a time of reflection and prayer as we live these stress filled days.  You are invited to find a favorite space, a chair outside in the chilly morning or a quiet spot inside. Light a candle, get your journal, your Bible, and art supplies if you would like to doodle your prayers. Set aside an hour for silent prayer and meditation. I am providing prompts for worship and prayer. God will find you wherever you are.

Morning Prayer

Early morning light breaks and day begins; You are still with us.  Praise for the morning. Praise for creation. May the praise and thanksgiving we offer you fill us with hope and assurance that all is well. In this time of silence, O Lord, hear our prayer. Amen

Read Psalm 66. What does it speak to you today?

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.


  • For the Church – its ministry and mission – its leadership, pastors and lay people – for the Bishops – for clarity in ways to be the church during this pandemic – for each of us to go deeper in the ways we love and serve God
  • For the State – For our governor and legislature and all who lead and make decisions on behalf of the people of North Carolina – for agencies of the state that are strained under the pressures of Covid – Health and Human Services and all who serve the people working with infrastructure and natural event problems
  • For the Nation – for our president and the congress that they will do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly on behalf of all the people of America – for judges and justices that their decisions will be thoughtful and fair – for all who serve in positions of power, that they may see themselves as public servants and serve to benefit the many and not only the few.
  • For students, teachers, principals, administrators of schools from pre-school to graduate school.
  • For the Media – for all who seek truth and transparency. Let fairness prevail. Let the rhetoric subside all around. Let our media remember lessons of kindness and truth telling.
  • For Health Care Workers and First Responders – prayers of strength and health for all who serve on front lines – Covid caregivers, fire fighters, EMC and Rescue workers
  • For all Essential Workers – Mail deliverers, grocery store workers, Amazon delivery people, Fed Ex, UPS, Pizza and other food delivery workers, for all the low wage workers in the stores that remain open
  • For all who suffer – for those with Covid 19, for families who worry and fear for their loved ones whom they cannot even visit – for all who have lost jobs and incomes –
  • For peace in our communities – for reckoning with racism in our country and state – for healing and forgiveness for all who have faced racism and hatred - a prayer for police and all who are in harm's way today -
  • Add your intercession here:

In your great mercy, Almighty God, we offer our prayers, our hearts, and our time today to rest in you and find renewal. Give us guidance and boldness to find new life even in our weariness. Strengthen us through the power of your Holy Spirit that our hope will indeed be renewed. Lead us to still waters, to deeper faith, to good decisions, to greater charity, to lasting equity, and righteousness that comes from you. Thank you for the gift of life and breath this day.  Amen.  

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