Thoughts and Prayer

February 28, 2022

Forgive us Lord, for the warring that is going on in our own country that distracts us from the global circumstances that threaten all peace, safety and life. For our allies in Ukraine, but not just in Ukraine, everywhere. I have begun to think I have lived the best time in the history of the world. Born at the end of WW2, I grew up in victory. Well, victory for white people like me. I lived through Jim Crow, the remnant of Reconstruction and a Civil Rights Movement that is not yet over, even to this day… Stoked in racism that is boiling over again… still, in voices of hate and fear of other and change. I grew up in an era when women were gaining rights – over the family choices… birth control… abortion. I have one vote. I will use that vote every chance I get to vote for people who care about this democracy, about civil rights and women’s rights and the rights of LGBTQ people, and all the Black People I love and those for whom I still work for justice. Glad for the verdict today. Praying hard for the people of Ukraine. It’s hard to pray for enemies… still that’s what Jesus calls us to. I hate hate. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Pour down your grace and forgive that I might pray a pox on Putin and a short list that I name in my heart. Amen.



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