Open My Eyes, Lord....

June 23, 2011

I want to see Jesus. Just like Zacchaeus who climbed a tree. Just like Moses who climbed a mountain. Just like shepherds who left field and flock... and the Magi who traveled from afar, so we have literally pitched a tent in hopes of an encounter with the Holy at the Wild Goose Festival that begins today. This is the first North American Wild Goose Festival and people from all over the world will meet at Shakori Hills in Chatham County North Carolina to sing songs of hope and healing for the world and hear the voices of those who are growing louder in the current reformation of the church. Peace and Justice are on the menu. No one who knows Christ can life a faith separate from this call. The new kind of Christian is fully human, fully engaged with the plight of the world, and fully committed to living Christ for the world until God's will is lived on earth as it is in heaven. We live in an exciting time for the faith, a time when division over doctrine will be old news and inclusion and welcome, kindness and civility will be mainstream and not just pipe dream. My computer will remain at home. My Bible, journal, and art supplies are packed. Of course everyone knows that a camping trip is the poster- omen for rain. So this weekend holds the promise of renewal for the land and for the soul as in Baptism! May God work in the heat and the hope of these next few days. And may I be cracked open to take it all in! Amen.

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