One of the Hungry

June 5, 2011

"Come to me you who are burdened and heavy laden......"

Worship this morning began in the riverfront park in Oriental. It is Ascension Sunday. The text from Luke 24 speaks to the Lord being taken up into the sky - far above death and the ways of the world. He blesses them as he leaves them. From there, the disciples return to the temple blessing God and waiting for what is to come. Storm clouds covered the sun, and much needed rain began to sprinkle down. Pastor Keith made the call to move the feast to the sanctuary. So we began to pick up our chairs and walk to the temple to bless God. The man to my right was frail as a bird. His wife was gathering the chairs and working to get him standing. I reached my hand to him. He took it without hesitation. "I'm Lib," I said. "I'm Roger,"He replied. Teetering he began to walk with me  - with no more words  - toward his car. His wife commented, "He seems to do OK once he gets started." Worship in the sanctuary included communion. "Christ has died, Christ is risen..... Christ will come again." Roger and I from different places in the sanctuary, came forward with hands cupped, both of us like hungry birds eager to be fed. We were the body of Christ together in a shared humanity. There was no pretense, nothing but the recognition that I, in whatever piety, authority, wisdom I may have thought I had, was just one of the hungry eager to be fed the bread of life. The invitation Jesus offers is to the world burdened in fear and anxiety.... come find rest, wholeness, peace, be filled with grace that will transform you that you might change the world. Worship changes me every time, like little ticks in the clock of life. One tick at a time, I am different. I am small in the scheme of things, mostly invisible to the world. But on this Ascension Sunday, my soul is risen with Christ singing blessing and giving thanks. Amen.

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