February 11 - Evening Prayer

February 12, 2013

O Lord, dusk settles and my eyes look up to You. Tall pines sway in a February breeze and gray clouds scurry across the sky as if drawing a blanket up on the coming night.  Thank you for this evening and time to reflect on the goodness of a weekend past and this Monday’s work. I am mindful of the blessing that surrounds me. I am thankful for the blessing of a community filled with grace and love of Christ and for sisters and brothers who are joined together in a journey toward You. Thank you for teachers of the faith, for mentors, and for all who offer their labors to your glory. My eyes are open and I see You, O God, in all that is around me this night. Thank you. Praise you. Bless you for your creation and for making me part of it. Amen.    

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