All About Eves

November 6, 2018

Eves are part of us. They have import in our faith and in our life. serving Eve. Who wouldn't want an apple? Sorry we have paid such price for  that apple. All Hallows Eve... goblins and spirits roaming at will through our land. Who hasn't been angry and disgruntled and just plain mad? Christmas Eve... expectation and hope on the horizon... Come Savior, save us. Tonight is another Eve.... Midterm Eve. This is a night when many of us are just plain worn our with the tv ads, editorials and foment of the whole process. Tonight we have seen work of the faithful on both sides of the aisle reach a peak. We have heard pros and cons and seen and thought snakes were at work still... just as in the garden. Tonight I made chili, delicious chili I must say, for  watching the election tomorrow night. I pray it will not make us sick. A couple of months ago I asked my friend Patty to make a couple of hundred buttons for me that said, " Women Vote". My hope was to encourage a powerful electorate to claim a place in the story of North Carolina. My husband said I failed to say who to vote for. I told him that I don't have to tell women who to vote for. Women will vote .... for justice, for healthcare, for children's issues like education and childcare, and the arts and physical education in our schools. I have given out more that three hundred of my buttons. We stand on the Eve on an election that will define our values in the world. Are we for justice? Are we for welcoming the stranger, as Jesus called us to? Are we on the side of loving our neighbor? Are we on the side of serving our neighbor? I am only one pastor; I am only one voice; I am only one vote, but our world needs Christ and the values we have held dear for two centuries in America and over 2,000 years since Jesus was born. Who are we on this important Eve? May God bless us and guide us and keep us in the shelter of God's wings. Go Vote. Amen.

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