May 17, 2019

Today is my 73rd birthday, which means that tomorrow I begin my 74th year of life. Holy Cow!!! 74… almost three fourths of a century.  More cow here. Thank you all Facebook friends who have sent well wishes and blessings on my birthday. As I looked at the posts I have remembered you and given thanks for you and all you have meant in my life, and I have prayed blessing on each of you.

I will admit I had a little melancholy going into today. I have thought about family – Mike, Mary Mac, Patricia, Alton Vincent, Ardie, Joe, parents, grandparents who are not at my birthday party. I have thought about parishioners – Barbara’s granddaughter, Paisley, Keith, Gwen, and all the others whom I have loved and lost who are not at my birthday party. And I think of my dear friend whose mother is in that thin place between two worlds and my sweet Mother in Law who at 97 seems to have lost joy in the gift of years that has been given her.

My husband today gave me a wonderful and most unexpected gift, a clergy shirt with a tab collar that he said would help identify me as I march with mothers against gun violence, and Moral Mondays, and the Women’s Marches and the marches to resist hate against the LGBTQI community and to support a woman’s right to choose abortion when it is right over choosing the county coat hangers, and every other march and place of resistance I feel called to.

73. I danced at PLUS last week. There is photographic evidence. (I probably could not run for President or Bishop.) As I left the dance floor, there were two young couples looking at me. I walked over to then and said to them, “Do no fear getting old. Fear losing your joy; fear losing your purpose.”

Last night at supper my son asked me, “So, Mom, what would you say was your best year?” I told him, this one. This year is my best year. OMG what joy is mine tonight! Thank you all for blessing me with your words and your love. God has much for me – and all of us who might feel discouraged -  to do. This will be my best year, until next year and it will be even better. Blessings in the night all. Thank you all for a wonderful day! I love you and God loves you.

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