May 16, 2011

In the world where days are numbered and time is measured to the nano-second, in this day which is my 65th birthday, in this hour of reflection and prayer, I realize that the gift of years is wisdom. And the blessing of days is the relationships which are formed as one passes through this thing called "time." The blessing of health - at least enough health to enjoy the day - is undeniable. It is a gift not to be taken for granted. It is to be cared for as God's gift in creation, not so much to be temple, but habitat of the holy. The days of life are generally measured in linear ways. but my great realization this morning is that though my days remaining will surely be fewer than my days past, they will be neither shorter nor less. There is invitation in the pace of the aging life to slow down, to notice the smallest things that become the greatest teachers - clouds that frame the trees, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal chasing each other in the back yard, the fragrance of petunias in the hanging basket, the roses that open to morning sun. Learning to live the breadth of time is the age long journey. In an A to B world, relishing the meandering trail is where delight in the Lord lives. In this day of 65, there is still much to be discovered, much to see, read, and learn, and there are many to love. I wake to the realization that this place of life is far different than before. The geography of my body has gone south. Much of my physical self is dry and spotted, but my soul is greener than ever before and so refreshed in living water, I will not thirst. Today is a day of thanksgiving and praise for the love that has filled my life, for the friends who have graced me in their love, and for a family who make me proud and a husband who personifies steadfastness. The Lord who promised good to me has delivered on that promise. I give thanks!

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