March 31, 2013

Holy Saturday. Jesus has been hastily buried, thanks to Joseph of Arimatheia. The disciples are holed up. Everyone is distraught. Another sad day. Easter Eve is not celebrated in the same way as Christmas Eve. We do not yet know anticipation and assurance. Just a few more hours and a couple of thousand years of history, and that changes. You see, the paraments at the Vatican, and in your local church have likely already been changed. White and Gold, empty crosses and Alleluias already set and rehearsed. Thank God. We can put away the black robes and turtlenecks for a while. Tonight we discussed the timing of the Resurrection. Jesus was buried on Friday… and it is Sunday before Mary and the others go to the tomb. So when exactly does the Resurrection occur? Does it really take God three days to bring us home? Not exactly overnight delivery. The family ate Mexican food tonight… kind of a tradition. Tacos, Chiles, Burritoes. All good. After they all left the house, I took to the altar on the porch again. Something strange was going on in the water. A haze that looked like reflections of clouds floated on gentle ripples. Mystery at the bottom of the steps. I took a picture, but it doesn’t really capture the surprise at the edge of the sand. Here is what I know: Not much. I cannot explain a lot of things. I do not have all knowledge. I cannot craft a really convincing argument or defense of much of anything. Words and education fail me, as does confidence and ego. But here is what I do know. This mystery of which I am a part is larger, and greater, and surer, and more wonderful than my feeble brain will ever comprehend if I live to be a thousand. Keep me humble of faith, confident in You, Dear Jesus. When I rise in the morning, make my voice strong to proclaim… Christ is Risen… Christ is Risen indeed. I know it. I claim it. Let the world hear and believe! Amen.

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