Prayer List

You are invited to send the first names of those for whom you would ask prayer. God knows their needs and we as people of faith can simply speak the names into God’s care.


Sawyer – now in heaven with God


Annual Conference of the North Carolina United Methodist Church





Ann – died in March 2013 – The strife is over


Anna – Died in April 2013 – Now in the arms of Almighty God



For the people of Somolia.


All who grieve

For the people of Boston and all who were part of the Boston Marathon 2013 those who lost their lives and those who will fight a long time to save theirs. Grant healing and peace.

Prayers for Brad lifted by his friends. Dealing with an aging parent and other complicating family members. Prayers for a new closeness with God who is author of healing and peace. Grant healing and peace.


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  1. Betty mangum says:

    Pray for daughter Dawn going through divorce. 2 children

    Pray for peaceful fair kind resolution

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