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On this page you will find recommended books as well as comments made about books recently read. We welcome your input also.

The Naked Now by Richard Rohr

Becoming real and living out of the real self is the work of a spiritual life. This book is an in-depth look at living in the present moment a life that is real and stripped of all falsehood, till it is naked before God.

Cloister Talks by Jon M. Sweeney

For any of us who have hungered and thirsted for a respite from the busy and hurry of life… for any of us who have said, “let’s just go live in a cave!,” Jon M. Sweeney’s little book, Cloister Talks is like a cool drink of water and a dip in a soothing stream. Sweeney has spent years in conversation with Cistercian monks in various locations about life in the cloister, that turns out to have stressors of its own! This book is informative and helpful for discerning the call we have upon our own lives. It just might help you be the who you are called to be. Drink it up!

Love Wins by Rob Bell

When doing research always go to a primary source. If you are entering the heaven/hell debate, don’t go in with second hand ideas and conclusions. Come to your own conclusions, they will be more defensible. As for me, I liked this book. It’s easy to read, clear, with no church-eze. Of course, I have never been one who relished damning other people to hell. I heartily endorse erring on the side of love, erring on the side of grace, erring on the side of hope. If that is error, God will be the judge. I hope that Love Wins!

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

Since Richard Rhor is one of the speakers I will hear at next weekend’s Wild Goose Festival, I wanted to know who he is by reading his works. I bought it last Thursday and have read it at every opportunity. Even with a couple of chapters left, I can recommend it to you with no reservations! Rohr is a Franciscan priest who uses an inclusive wide world language of myth and biblical story and the lives of the saints to offer a vision of what the blessing of mature faith and life look like and how living the “contents over the container” of life fulfill God’s plan for each unique life. In a world that is so centered on success, youth, and personal gain, this book is a much welcomed word for anybody who is living the second half of life. Thank you, Richard Rohr. I can’t wait to hear you!

Other Books in Que: These have been read  – recommended, but are not yet reviewed.

Speaking Christian by Marcus Borg

Man of Blessing: The Life of Saint Benedict – I’ll get you the name….

Change the World by Michael Slaughter

Grace to Lead by Kenneth L Carder and Laceye Warner

The Rule of Benedict by Joan Chittister. Well written explanation of the Rule of St. Benedict with practical and relevant ways to live it in the 21st century. Even outside the monastic community there is a place for Benedictine spirituality to thrive.





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  1. Keri Erickson says:

    I am going to put of Gods and Men on my net flick que. I think virutural church is a brilliant idea. I love your picture. I can get churched up at work!

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