When Rancor Enters the House

My husband, Tom, writes editorials that appear in newspapers across the state. Recently he wrote two columns dealing with racial reckoning. I read them before they were published. I give thanks for the justice journey my husband is on. He is using his voice to speak truth into the racism that has permeated our nation since the 17th century.

Tom’s awakening, however, has been met in ugly ways that make their way into our house – through the mailbox and the inbox. I have read his mail. Not only is a lot of it sickening, it is saddening, grievously saddening. What are we coming to?

The responses he has gotten go far beyond healthy debate on issues. They are accusatory, demeaning, calling him a Marxist, calling him anti-American, accusing him of being a socialist. Usually people know us before they hate us. Pre-formed talking points amplify the hate-full echo chamber that surrounds so much that is going on today.

I can turn the radio off. I can turn television off. If I hear one more time….”you Democrats” or “you Republicans,” I will vomit. Party names have become slurs. There is no civility across the spectrum. But usually the ugliness is out there, not in here. It feels so dirty in the house.

So interesting to me that the pandemic has made me realize some things. First, how precious life is. Second, I can live a more sheltered, cloistered life and be perfectly fine with it. I have remembered prayer without ceasing and thanksgiving for all creation. I am happy with a small life. Then we open the mail.

One thing both Tom and I have decided. We will work for justice and equity. The naysayers, deniers, conspiracy theorists, and white supremacists will live with whatever consequences their words evoke. As for me and my house, we will love God and neighbor and speak truth with love. Bring it on, people. I will add your names to my growing prayer list. God save us all.

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8 Responses to When Rancor Enters the House

  1. Russell Briggs says:

    Wonderful words. May peace continue to be with you!

  2. Sharon brignon says:

    Amen, Lib. I believe in justice, love and service. I will continue to love God and His creation. I will forgive those whose hearts are without love and continue to keep them in prayer. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You and Tom are blessings. Keep charging ahead. Love in Christ, Sharon

  3. Amy Outlaw says:

    God Save Us ALL – with little extra dose of LOVE to the Campbells!

    I can not think of a more kind and thoughtful couple to continue speaking truth in love and loving your neighbor – even if it takes a moment or two extra for some.

  4. Elizabeth Stewart says:

    Well said. Thank you, Lib.

  5. Doris Phillips Peery says:


    So well said. I have read Tom’s words and have agreed completely. Am horrified that ya’ll have been the recipients of such inexcusable behavior. I am so very tired of the decisiveness in this country. No one is held accountable for their actions and the intolerance for anyone who disagrees is explosive. Prayer seems to be our only hope for helping our country’s survival. You and Tom are in my prayers.
    Love you both,

  6. Camilla Godwin says:

    I read his column every week. I, like him, have realized how I enjoyed “white privilege” without giving it a second thought.

  7. Nancy Hemphill says:

    Wonderful and wise, lib.

  8. Howard N Lee says:

    Lib, thanks for standing up and speaking out. Having lived through the experiences you referenced in your writing, I can identify with the disappointment you feel. I admire you and Tom for your commitment to fairness and justice. We must keep our eyes on the prize and stand strong. Thanks my friends to you both.

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